Day visits

Volunteering is an ideal opportunity to enjoy the company of like minded people and feel a part of our growing community. You can come at whatever day or time suits you best or join us on special volunteer days previous coordination with the managers of the centre.

What to expect

The work is varied and may include cooking, cleaning, gardening, laundry, etc. We are always interested to hear about any specific skills you may be able to offer like graphic design or digital marketing.

In return for half or full days work we will provide you with refreshments and a vegetarian lunch.

Work visit

Work visits are an ideal opportunity to enjoy good company, feel part of our community and get closer to Buddhist meditation. 

What to expect

The work is varied and may include:

cooking and cleaning the kitchen,
room cleaning, laundry etc.
maintenance, gardening, etc.

We are always interested to hear about any specific skills you may be able to offer specially:
– Digital marketing
– Website developers
– Video makers
– Graphic designer with experience in Photoshop and Canva
– Qualified technicians in carpentry, plumbing, electricity,  etc.

Although the work is not always strenuous you will need to be reasonably fit and active to join us for a working visit.

On your days off you can explore and get to know this beautiful island or simply relax and meditate with the tranquility that the center offers.

The center is quite isolated, there is not public transport, however, you will find many companies that rent cars, bikes and motorcycles at a good price out of season.

The Spiritual Programme

As a working visitor you are welcome to take part in the spiritual activities at Menorca IRC.  In the evenings you can attend the introductory classes on Buddhist and meditation, or you can attend daily prayers at the Temple. At weekends, we hold Prayers for World Peace and regular weekend courses. The weekly classes are all free to working visitors and most weekend retreats and courses (with exception of empowerments). Weekly classes and most weekend courses and retreats are free for volunteers outside of their working hours.


We will provide seven days free 4-bed-dormitory accommodation with private bathroom and three vegetarian meals a day in exchange for 6 hours of work, five days a week. In summer, accommodation is in marquees (large tents with beds).

Work visits should be two or three weeks but can be extended for special projects, if both sides agree. Work visits MUST be booked in advance.

All meals are vegetarian including eggs and dairy products.

Please note: since Menorca IRC is a Buddhist Retreat Centre, it is strictly forbidden for visitors  to drink alcohol, smoke or take drugs on the premises. We also ask the visitors not to play musical instruments or hear music without headphones. 

Food and accommodation, what to bring

We offer comfortable dormitory accommodation – all you need to do is bring  towels, a torch and work clothes and boots. Also, a copy of your identification card or passport, and copy of your travel insurance or the European Health Insurance Card. Please, note that you need to have your own travel insurance.

The center is vegetarian so the consumption of any meat or fish products is not allowed. It is important to respect the silence and tranquility of the center.

Arrival time: 9.30 h – 19.30 h.