Close retreat on Vajrayoguini

  • Jan 6th to Feb 2nd, 2020
  • With Gen Kelsang Dargyay
  • IRC Menorca. International Retreat Centre

About the retreat

January is a very special month for practitioners of Highest Yoga Tantra as it is considered the month of the deities Heruka and Vajrayogini.  During this month we receive special blessings from these enlightened deities. For this reason January is the best time to do the close retreat of Vajrayogini in which we  engage in the practice of ‘Verbal Recitation’ counting 100,000 mantras of this deity. 

This retreat will also serve to familiarize ourselves with the practice of the Eleven Yogas in combination with the sadhana “The Quick Path to Great Bliss”, the extensive practice of self-generation as Vajrayogini. The retreat will end with a Fire Puja.

If you have received a Highest Yoga Tantra empowerment you are able to accomplish this close retreat and create a special connection with Vajrayogini.

The retreat will end with a Fire Puja.

The retreat is going to be in Spanish with simultaneous translation into English.

from January 1 to 5

If you have no familiarity with the practice of the Eleven Yogas, you have the possibility to attend the retreat “The Tantra of Vajrayogini in the modern world”, which will take place from January 1-5.

If you can not come try at least to familiarize yourself with the instructions by studying the  commentary to the practice that you can find in “New Guide to Dakini Land”.

More information and reservations for this retreat

Bookings & Information


The retreat will start 6th of January at 18.30 pm with the supper. The introduction will be at 20.00 pm.

The retreat will end 2nd of February after lunch.



Single room: 840€

Double room ensuite:  1512€ (price per room)

Shared room (4  people): 586€ (price per person)



If you are camping, you must bring a sleeping bag and towel.

The food is vegetarian. We may be able to accommodate other diets if requested in advance.


By taxi or by renting a car

The temple is right next to the Puig de Sa Roca restaurant. Once you arrive, you can call us and we will come look for you to take you to the temple.

There are numerous car rental companies on the island. Below are three options:

This link will show you how to get here by car:  Click here to see the map


If you have any questions, you can call us at +34 691 158 656


Situated in a privileged enclave on the beautiful island of Menorca (declared a Biosphere reserve)IRC Menorca, International Retreat Centre, is an ideal place to have retreats, both alone and in a group. The Centre, which is surrounded by a forest of pine trees and holm oaks of great natural beauty, enables you to breathe in a great sense of tranquility and peace and invites you to collect yourself and to deepen in the practice of the Dharma, through the contemplation and meditation of the Lanrim Kadam.


Gen Kelsang Dargyay has been a disciple of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso since 2004 and has completed the Special Teacher Training Program. Studying, meditating and practicing the teachings that he has received, he has become a qualified kadampa teacher. His teachings are clear, practical and very accessible to his students.

Since November 2012 he has been the Resident Teacher of Menorca International Retreat Centre (Menorca IRC)

Our International Retreat Centre

The Menorca International Retreat Centre has been visited many times by our Spiritual Guide, the Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, so it is a place with a very good energy, very blessed. The Center is in the middle of the island, surrounded by a beautiful forest of holm oaks, wild olive trees and pine trees. Along with the natural beauty of the landscape that surrounds it, the Menorca IRC enjoys a pure air and a clear atmosphere, which in a serene and cloudless night allows to contemplate the calm and grandiose beauty of a celestial vault completely filled with stars.

We have the best conditions for your retreat:

  • A retreat centre that has been visited and blessed several times by  Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.
  • The guidance of Gen Dargyay, a qualified teacher to guide retreats.
  • Deep silence
  • No other activities with other practitioners coming in and out of the centre that can distract you.
  • All rooms are en-suite with central heating.
  • Most meals are done with local and bio products.
  • A team with experience in retreats that will help you in everything that you need.
  • Affordable prices.