In retreat you give yourself the opportunity to rest profoundly and forget all your daily problems. A retreat is a space of tranquility, an oasis of peace in your life that helps you discover important aspects of your own existence. By cultivating positive thoughts as you develop your attention, memory and concentration, you will experience the extraordinary inner peace that lies within your own mind. This inner peace is the real treasure to discover while you are in retreat. It is the supreme medicine that heals your own and others unhappiness. Bring the precious treasure of inner peace back to your daily life and share it with your family and friends. Discover our International Retreat Center, a jewel in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Enjoy a spiritual and very significant holiday in a peaceful and unique environment, in the beautiful and mystical island of Menorca.


Who are the retreats for?

These retreats are aimed at all those people who already have some experience in meditation and Kadampa Buddhism and who want to deepen their practice; for example, improving your motivation, reducing your attachment and worldly concerns, etc.

They are also especially suitable for those people who want to start making personal retreats in silence but do not know very well where to start, what topic and practice to choose, how to structure their retreat, etc.

These retreats are an orientation for practitioners to schedule their personal practice.

What is the goal?

The main goal of these retreats is to to familiarise yourself with different practices that are mainly focused on helping and benefiting others, at the same time that you improve your love and compassion for others and develop conventional and ultimate bodhichita. These practices include methods to heal others, free them from any problems or pain, assist them in their death process and once they have passed away. All of these practices also help you create a special connection with a Tantric Deity. Thus we can become familiar with practices connected with different Buddhas such as: the Medicine Buddha, Green Tara, Avalokiteshvara, and Prajnaparamita.

What is the recommended duration?

The recommended duration for this type of retreat is between five days to a month, but it may be less or more depending on the availability or wishes of the practitioner.

Retreats to improve our daily practice

With these retreats you can memorise the essential meaning of texts, prayers and meditations to integrate them into your meditation sessions. In this way, you can contemplate the Dharma from the depths of your heart and begin to establish the foundations for spiritual realisations. How beautiful, do not miss this opportunity!

What we offer?

  • Several retreat proposals to choose and to suit best the practitioner’s objective for the retreat.
  • The necessary information about the books that can be studied as well as the meditations that can be done during the retreat.
  • The necessary information about the prayers that can be used.
  • A proposed schedule that can be adapted to the needs of the practitioner.
  • A guide on how to structure the retreat and meditation sessions to take advantage of the time during the retreat.
  • Support from the IRC Menorca team to solve any problem that may arise in the retreat.
  • The possibility of attending public meditation classes and courses during your stay.

(Note: the price of the retreat does not include the material to be used as books, CDs etc. Nor does it include the price of the classes and courses that you want to attend)

Keep silence

In these retreats it is advisable to remain silent as this helps us to observe and control our mind and thoughts. We can deepen our practice of Dharma and meditation with ease by not having to spend energy on conversations and interactions with others.

Retreats to become pure and sincere practitioners

If we really want to progress on our path to complete liberation from suffering and the imperishable happiness of enlightenment, we need to improve our Dharma practice. We offer you a series of retreats that can be of great help if you want to improve your practice until you become a qualified Dharma practitioner. Take a few days or weeks to develop, improve, deepen and maintain your Dharma practice in these retreats specially designed for it.

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Important note: the possibility of making a retreat depends on the availability of accommodation.


*For availability and prices write to


MENORCA IRC . International Retreat Center. urb. Sa Roca. Es Mercadal

Discover our International Retreat Center

Amid the natural beauty of the oak and pine forests of the mystical island of Menorca, is our International Retreat Center (IRC Menorca). A true gem to discover. We offer you the ideal place to cultivate inner peace & happiness. In the Temple for World Peace there is great peace and tranquility facilitating the practice of meditation and concentration.

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The content and benefits of this retreat


The goal

The goal of this retreat is to heal both our body and mind and that of others with the help of the enlightened doctor the Medicine Buddha.

With this retreat you will become familiar with the powerful and beautiful practices of Medicine Buddha both for your own benefit and for the benefit of others. Now that the world is full of problems and dangers due to uncontrolled minds and inappropriate actions of living beings, one of the most important practices is that of the Medicine Buddha. By trusting the Medicine Buddha sincerely in these impure times, you will be able to heal yourself of serious physical and mental illnesses, and achieve liberation from the internal pain of the three mental poisons: attachment, hatred and ignorance. You can also protect yourself from many other dangers and obstacles.

The benefits you will get from this retreat

  • You will become familiar with deeply healing practices.
  • You will be able to reduce the three mental poisons and the pain associated with them.
  • You will be able to help others to free themselves from their illnesses.
  • You will create a special connection with the Medicine Buddha.

The content and benefits of this retreat


The goal

The goal of this retreat is to free ourselves from both our internal and external obstacles and those of others by praying faithfully to Green Tara, our enlightened mother.

With this very special retreat we will be able to familiarize ourselves with the practice of Liberation from sorrow of Tara. If with firm faith we trust Tara we can free ourselves from all external and internal dangers. We must also pray to Tara to help others. For example, if there is a war or other disaster affecting a certain area, we should pray that Tara helps the people who live in that area. Similarly, if we know that there are people sick, dying, or suffering from worries or mental anguish, we should ask Tara to grant her blessings and remove their suffering.

The benefits you will get from this retreat

  • You can eliminate your obstacles and fears.
  • You will be able to help others through Tara.
  • It will increase your faith, compassion and spiritual realizations.
  • You will create a special connection with Arya Tara.

The content and benefits of this retreat


The goal

The goal of this retreat is to help the dying in their death process and transfer the consciousness of the deceased to a Pure Land with the help of Buddha Avalokiteshvara, who is the manifestation of the compassion of all the Buddhas.

With this retreat you will become familiar with the practice of Poua both for your own benefit and for the benefit of others. With this deep and special practice our faith and connection with Buddha Avalokiteshvara will increase, our compassion will increase and we will be able to help people who are in the process of death and people who have already passed away.

The benefits you will get from this retreat

  • Your compassion will increase.
  • You will be able to help the dying and the deceased.
  • You will delve into the practice of Transference of consciousness.
  • You will create a very special connection with Avalokiteshvara.

The content and benefits of this retreat


The goal

The goal of this retreat is to overcome any obstacle that we have in our life with the recitation of the Perfection of Wisdom Sutra. In this very special retreat you will have the precious opportunity to familiarize yourself with the practices associated with the Great Mother Prajnaparamita, a female Buddha who is the manifestation of the Perfection Wisdom of  Buddha – the wisdom motivated by the supreme good heart of bodhichitta.

The benefits you will get from this retreat

  • It will increase your wisdom understanding emptiness.
  • You can eliminate your obstacles and those of others.
  • You will bring to your heart the Wisdom Perfection Sutra
  • You will create a very special connection with the Great Mother Prajnaparamita.


The International Retreat Center of Menorca has been visited many times by our Spiritual Guide, the Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, so it is a place with good energy and is very blessed. The Center is in the middle of the island, surrounded by a forest of holm oaks, wild olive trees and pine trees. Along with the pure air and the natural beauty of the landscape, we highlight the clarity of its nights; when in the serene sky, free of clouds, you can contemplate the tranquil beauty of the stars and the moon. Whether you are looking for a few days of tranquility to reconnect with yourself, or if you wish to deepen your practice of meditation and Modern Buddhism, the International Retreat Center is an ideal place. We offer personalised retreats  and national and international group retreats. Every year we invite international teachers from other centres to come and lead a retreat in our center. Everyone is welcome, do not miss this opportunity!


Gen Kelsang Dargyay has been a disciple of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso since 2004 and has completed the Special Teacher Training Program. In studying, meditating and practising the teachings that he has received, he has become a qualified Kadampa teacher. His teachings are clear, practical and very accessible to his students.

Since November 2012 he has been the Resident Teacher of Menorca International Retreat Centre (Menorca IRC)