In retreat you give yourself the opportunity to rest profoundly and forget all your daily problems. A retreat is a space of tranquility, an oasis of peace in your life that helps you discover important aspects of your own existence. By improving your meditation and cultivating positive thoughts as you develop your attention, memory and concentration, you will experience the extraordinary inner peace that lies within your own mind. This inner peace is the real treasure to discover while you are in retreat. It is the supreme medicine that heals your own and others unhappiness. Bring the precious treasure of inner peace back to your daily life and share it with your family and friends. Discover our International Retreat Center, a jewel in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Enjoy a spiritual and very significant holiday in a peaceful and unique environment, in the beautiful and mystical island of Menorca.


Who are they for?

These retreats are aimed for people without experience in meditation or for people who have already some experience and want to improve their practice of meditation.

What is the goal?

With these retreats you will learn to meditate in a qualified manner in a peaceful and quiet environment. They include advice from an experienced practitioner. 

How long can it last?

The recommended duration for this type of retreat is from a few days up to two weeks, although it can be extended up to a month if the person wishes.

An excellent introduction to meditation

These introductory retreats to meditation will allow you to learn the essence of meditation through a very practical approach so that you can integrate it into your daily life and experience for yourself the great benefits it brings.

  • Start well: discover the benefits, the essence and the fundamentals of meditation
  • It is easy: cultivate peace and happiness in a pleasant and simple way
  • It is practical: transform your confused, restless and negative mind into a clear, serene and positive mind
  • It is deep: know and develop your mind
  • It is very beneficial: both for oneself and for others

What we offer?

  • Several retreat proposals to suit best the practitioner’s objective for the personal retreat.
  • The necessary information about the books that can be studied as well as the meditations that can be done during the retreat.
  • A proposed schedule that can be adapted to the needs of the practitioner.
  • A guide on how to structure the meditation sessions to take advantage of the time during the retreat.
  • Support from the IRC Menorca team to solve any problems that may arise in the retreat.
  • The possibility of attending public meditation classes and courses during your stay.

(Note: the price of the retreat does not include the material to be used as books, CDs etc. Nor does it include the price of the classes and courses that you want to attend)

Why I need to learn meditating?

When the turbulence of distracting thoughts ceases and our mind becomes still, a deep happiness and contentment naturally arises from within. This feeling of contentment and wellbeing helps us to cope with the busyness and difficulties of daily life.”

 New Meditation Handbook | Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche

Renewing, Revitalizing, Reflecting

Renew your energy and vitality with these special retreats specially designed so you can disconnect from your daily problems and concerns. Breathe fresh air and relax in depth while walking along the beautiful paths of the Menorca forests. Reflect on the most important aspects of your life accompanied by very special friends. Eliminate the tension of your heart and clear your mind with simple meditations that you can learn and integrate into your busy daily life.

Digital detox

Although the development of technology brings some benefits it also brings inconvenience and problems. For example, we are increasingly connected digitally with the world and with others, but at the same time we feel that our dissatisfaction and inner restlessness grow. Our mind is increasingly distracted and confused, we have no mental clarity and our memory and concentration are becoming weaker.

These retreats help you disconnect from the distractions of daily life. You can reduce your thoughts, distractions, worries and discover the peace and happiness that underlie your mind.

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Meditations for a “Relaxation” retreat

The content and benefits of this retreat

These personal retreats emphasize breathing meditation to help calm the mind, reduce stress and lead to an experience of peace and inner well-being. These meditations help free the mind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and create a special feeling of inner peace.

Especially indicated for those who:

  • need to reduce stress and anxiety from day to day.
  • want to reconnect with themselves.
  • look for a space and time in their lives to find peace and reflect on their lives.
  • want to find a different source of happiness.

Meditations for a “Good Heart” retreat

The content and benefits of this retreat

These personal retreats emphasize meditations on love and compassion and help us solve most of our daily problems such as those that arise from anger, jealousy and attachment. Discover in retreat the power of pure love and share it with your family and friends.

Especially indicated for those who:

  • need to improve their relationships with others.
  • want to cultivate a more pure and sincere love.
  • seek to help others with compassion.
  • want to give others wisdom a true happiness that arises from meditation.



Meditations for a “Clear Mind” retreat

The content and benefits of this retreat

These personal retreats emphasize meditation in our own mind and help us develop mental clarity and inner peace. With these meditations we will discover the enormous potential that underlies our mind to be truly happy, without depending so much on external circumstances.

Especially indicated for those who:

  • need to reduce the confusion of their minds and the discouragement of their hearts.
  • want a clear, peaceful and serene mind.
  • seek to discover the nature and functions of the mind.
  • want to find happiness in themselves.

Meditations for a “Abandoning your anger” retreat

The content and benefits of this retreat

These personal retreats emphasize the study and contemplation of the book “How to solve our human problems” by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. Through the study and contemplation of the points that most reach you and touch your heart, you will learn new ways of thinking and meditation practices that will help you cultivate peace of mind to overcome anger and grumpiness. You will also learn to solve difficult and conflicting situations in a more constructive and positive way.

Especially indicated for those who:

  • need to reduce anger and depression in their lives.
  • want to solve their problems in a more realistic way
  • seek to discover more positive methods of living.
  • want to overcome grumpiness and negativity.


The International Retreat Center of Menorca has been visited many times by our Spiritual Guide, the Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, so it is a place with very good energy, very blessed. The Center is in the middle of the island, surrounded by a forest of holm oaks, wild olive trees and pine trees. Along with the pure air and the natural beauty of the landscape, we highlight the clarity of its nights; when in the serene sky, free of clouds, you can contemplate the tranquil beauty of the stars and the moon. Whether you are looking for a few days of tranquility to reconnect with yourself, or if you wish to deepen your practice of meditation and Modern Buddhism, the International Retreat Center is an ideal place. We offer personalized retreats  and national and international group retreats. Every year we invite international teachers from other centers to come and lead a retreat in our center. Everyone is welcome, do not miss this opportunity!


Gen Kelsang Dargyay has been a disciple of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso since 2004 and has completed the Special Teacher Training Program. In studying, meditating and practising the teachings that he has received, he has become a qualified Kadampa teacher. His teachings are clear, practical and very accessible to his students.

Since November 2012 he has been the Resident Teacher of Menorca International Retreat Centre (Menorca IRC)

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Important note: the possibility of making a retreat depends on the availability of accommodation.



39 euros / night


Breakfast 4 euros

Lunch 9

Dinner 7


The minimum stay is two nights.
Meals are vegetarian (gluten-free or vegan diet available). We do not offer other specific diets)
Meditation classes and group retreats are not included in the accommodation prices.
Meditations for personal retreats are held in the room itself. The availability of the Temple depends on the activities that take place there.


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Discover our International Retreat Center

Amid the natural beauty of the oak and pine forests of the mystical island of Menorca, is our International Retreat Center (IRC Menorca). A true gem to discover. We offer you the ideal place to cultivate inner peace & happiness. In the Temple for World Peace there is great peace and tranquility facilitating the practice of meditation and concentration.