Teachings and guided meditations

Cycle · Clear mind, limitless potential

These meditations are an inner journey that takes you to the clear and unbounded nature of your own mind, and helps you experience clarity and inner peace. In these classes you will learn simple but profound meditations that will open a new inner world to you, to develop the capacity to understand and control your mind. Deeply relaxing and enlightening, these meditations will improve your meditative abilities and give you the strength to keep a peaceful and happy mind in your daily life.

This summer learn to meditate in Menorca, immerse yourself in the silence and refreshing clarity of your mind and experience the tranquility and transforming power of the pure nature of your mind, this will allow you to go beyond your own limitations, and painful self-conceptions, to progress and become the person you want to be.

Each class includes guided meditations, practical lessons and there is also a space to answer questions.

Do not lose this opportunity!

The Program

  • 11 July: Discover the potential in you.
  • 18 July: How to overcome your limitations.
  • 25 July: Meditation, mental clarity and wisdom.

These classes are open to everyone, regardless of whether you already have some experience in meditation as if you want to start. You can attend the whole CYCLE or part of it.


No classes in August.
You are welcome to attend the retreats we have in August in the temple with international teachers.
Classes will resume September 12th.

  • Thursday  11:30 – 12:30h


  • 6€ only Masterclass
  • 6€  meditation class


  • World Peace Temple · Sa Roca


Book: Mahamudra Tantra
Cd of Meditation: Clear mind

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The Teacher


During July, the teachings will be given by the kadampa teacher Mirjam.

Gen Kelsang Dargyay is a disciple of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso and has completed the Special Teacher Training Program. Studying, meditating and practicing the teachings that he has received, he has become a qualified kadampa teacher. His teachings are clear, practical and very accessible to his students.

Now he’s the Resident Teacher of Menorca International Retreat Centre (Menorca IRC)

Benefits of meditation

  • You will discover serenity, lucidity and peace of mind
  • You will experience deep and lasting happiness
  • You will enjoy a more balanced mind
  • You will develop your memory and concentration
  • You will transform the difficulties into opportunities
  • You will improve your relationships with others
  • You will have practical wisdom to face your day to day