The benefits of meditation

Increasingly more and more people feel drawn towards meditation.This interest is not just coincidental. The demands of work, as well as anxiety and cardiovascular heart disease brought on by stress and depression have increased.  For those of us who sit all day long in the office and experience stress, it is indispensable to learn to relax body and mind through simple meditation exercises. These help reduce negative thoughts and calm the mind. People who are at peace with themselves can remain calm in the most distressing of situations and by way of their serenity influence their fellow human beings in a positive manner. This is why meditation is of real benefit for all, Buddhists and non-Buddhists.

For those of us who for instance, sit all day in the office and experience stress, it is indispensable to relax body and mind, reduce negative thoughts and calm the mind. This can be learned through engaging in simple meditation exercises.

Buddhism offers a variety of practial methods that can help anyone cope with stress and distractions. Some of the benefits are

improved concentration

learn and apply strategies to reduce mental and physical tension and hence, contribute actively towards mental and physical health

develop and maintain stable and balanced mental states of mind, regardless of external circumstances

increase empathy, patience and constructive co-operation skills

learn to let go of negative thoughts and mental strain

Years of research by pyschologists and neurologists have confirmed that meditation has a positive effect not just on individuals but the community as a whole.